University of Tennessee, Knoxville


Course Description:

ARED 350:  Field Experience

Tasks related to teaching and to teacher roles.

ARED 510:  History and Philosophy of Art Education

United States from 1860s to present.

ARED 520:  Studies in Art Education

Issues and topics current to the field of art education.

ARED 530:  Art Production and Critical Pedagogy

Tasks related to teaching and to teacher roles. Value Proposition: Relationship of production to aesthetics and critical analysis of works of art. Over the past two decades, art education has shifted away from Discipline Based Art Education (DBAE) to a broader concern for visual arts and cultural issues. A shift to visual culture has come to represent not just a wider array of visual artifacts for study in the curriculum but also the examination of issues related to these artifacts, including the power of representation, the meanings of visual narratives, technological pervasiveness, and functions of creative production. Through studying visual culture, K-12 students can be empowered to move past passivity toward critically-aware citizens able to voice their own narratives through art.

ARED 540:  Use and Construction of Instructional Materials for Teaching Art

Examination and construction of curriculum, instruction and assessment as related to advanced theory and teaching practices in art education.

TPTE 500:  Thesis

TPTE 574:  Analysis of Teaching for Professional Development

Strategies to document and analyze effectiveness of teaching and of professional development. Study and application of various approaches.

TPTE 575:  Professional Internship in Teaching

Intensive teaching and teaching-related experiences in professional settings in public schools.

TPTE 591:  Clinical Studies

Group and individual seminar activities during full-time internship. Application and evaluation of professional core competencies. Completion and presentation of portfolio and analysis of teaching project.

TPTE 593:  Independent Study

TPTE 595:  Special Topics

Southeastern University

EDUC 5533:  Visual Art Methods and Interdisciplinary Education

This course is in in-depth look at methods for integrating visual art to enhance student learning. This course is also designed to integrate visual art skills and concepts with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards into daily course curriculum for all subject matter.

Converse College

ART 311:  Art for the Child

The purpose of this course is to examine the basic concepts and principles of art as they relate to a child’s creative and mental growth. Students will study the materials and methods for teaching art to children and strategies for integrating art into other content areas to support creative and critical thinking.

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